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Our mission

Women’s Net Saya-Saya advocates for the rights of women and children who have experienced violence, with a focus on domestic violence. Our goal is to create a violence-free society where both women and men can live in mutual respect.

Statistics show most domestic violence victims are women. Because the violence usually takes place at home, the victims often find it difficult to seek help.
Violence is a crime and an abuse of fundamental human rights, without exception.

Domestic violence is a form of oppression.

Domestic violence is a coercive pattern of behavior used by one person to control another in an intimate relationship. The violence can take many forms—physical, sexual, psychological, economic or social. The abuser uses coercion, unreasonable/unpredictable behavior, humiliation, and exploitation to frighten the victim into submission.

How domestic violence affects women and children

Repeated violence behind closed doors frightens and confuses the victim. After an incident, the abuser will apologize and turn on the charm, letting the victim convince herself he would never do it again. However, the cycle of violence continues. Eventually, the victim begins to feel helpless and sustains long-term mental and physical damage. Children who witness domestic violence are often seriously traumatized.

We provide a wide range of programs to support abused women and children.

To reconstruct safe living:

Crisis intervention
Safety planning, temporary shelters, information, counseling
Programs at transitional houses
Individual and group counseling, child therapy, art therapy
Support access to legal services, hospitals, government offices
10-step workshop, summer camp
Beloved, mothers’ and children’s intervention program
Change, dating violence prevention program

Saya-Saya original products: DV Survivor Supporter Manual, Can I talk about it? picture book

To find a place in society:

Restaurant (vocational training)
Skill seminars: computer class/ career consultation
Career seminars (in collaboration with corporate partner): job skills training
Self-help group: women’s closed meeting
Saya-Saya craft room

To train new supporters:

Training for DV victims supporters:
Comprehensive study of DV and how to support DV survivors and abused children
Instructor training: Beloved mothers’ and children’s intervention program, program